Industrial Steel Shelves & Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving Bays

Quality good used steel shelving storage bays in a variety of bay sizes. 900mm and 1200mm wide and a choice of 300mm, 370mm, 400mm, 450mm and 600mm depths.

Warehouse Shelves

You can select steel RET or Rolled Post Shelves in single bays, back to back shelving bays and have steel shelving bays joined together and setup in multiple runs or rows. The ideal steel shelving bay system to use in your warehouse, great for shelving in stock pick areas, perfect bay shelving for dispatch locations and suited as garage home shelving units.

Industrial Shelves and Free Stand Shelving Bays

Free stand or free standing industrial grade shelving systems are a great item for setting up "Industrial Look" or "Industrial Themed" displays or decor. Bring a warehouse look to your interior, garage, product display or storage areas.